At Kireico, we understand the true joy of receiving a gift. Hence, we aim for every order to be presented as a gift to the recipient - a gift from Kireico. 


Each pair of earring will come with an individual dust pouch. If you are planning to gift the earrings to your loved ones, the pouch will make the perfect gift bag. The pouch will also be a suitable place to store the earrings, keeping them away from harsh elements to prolong its longevity. (Please note that design of pouch might differ for collections.)




Every order will come with a greeting card as well. To personalize the message on the card or request for a blank card, simply indicate under the message section during checkout. Requesting for extra cards is also possible under the message section, the number of cards you can request for is limited by the number of earrings you ordered.





Earrings ordered will be packed into a box before being packaged in a polymailer. Orders with two pairs or less will be packed together into the brown box. Whereas, orders with more than two pairs will be packed together into the black box. If you require the earrings to be packed in separate brown boxes for gifting, simply indicate under the message section during checkout as well.


Every order delivered, is a gift received.

Love, kireico